Erin Mahon

Erin Mahon

“I was nervous when I found out that I had several pretty severe issues with my teeth . I made a few calls to different dental offices but i got a positive vibe from Total Dental….My first phone call I was greeted by a polite, and understanding receptionist. Her professionalism and calm demeanor made me feel good. I am self-employed so dental insurance hasn’t been at the top of the list. I
finally realize that I will suffer from my neglect but when I met Dr. Abner i knew he was going to take care of me-and he was truly committed to helping me “get on track”.
He and his assistant, Ambrie, worked so well together! As a matter of fact, it was awesome watching all of the hard-working employees-they are a great group of people and their teamwork further gained my trust in the work they do! Thanks, you guys are the best!!”

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