Our staff of doctors offer unsurpassed experience, caring, and skill

Our carefully selected team of dental specialists will treat you and your family like their own family. Treating patients as if they are our own brother, sister or parent is the founding principle by which our offices operate. Because our doctors are rigorously vetted and hand selected, we insure that our team of doctors will provide you with the highest level of experience, knowledge, care and professionalism possible.

Our team of dental specialists include oral surgeons, periodontists, pedodontists, endodontists, orthodontists and general dentists. Working closely together with other specialists and general dentists, our team of dental professionals is ready to conquer any problem you may have and care for any complications that may arise.

Children are our most treasured possessions. Total Care Dental & Orthodontics understands that fact and appreciates it immensely. We work with only the best pedodontists available. Pedodontists are specially trained to treat children and difficult pediatric cases. Our expertly trained pedodontists will care for your child’s dental needs and calm even the most difficult patient. We take special pride in our pediatric dentists because they take care of our future.

Orthodontics plays a special role in our offices. Total Care Dental & Orthodontics is owned by an orthodontist and thus our orthodontic department continually receives special attention. You will not find a better office to have your orthodontic needs met. Since our offices house general dentists as well as specialists, our orthodontists work closely with your treating general dentist, oral surgeon or periodontist to make certain your final outcome is a success.

Whether your case requires special attention from an oral surgeon, pedodontists, orthodontist, periodontist (gum specialist), or endodontist (root canal specialist), Total Care Dental & Orthodontics has you covered. We are committed to your family and your dental health.