Avoid Cavities with Fluoride Treatments at Total Care Dental

Total Care Dental & Orthodontics offers fluoride treatments so that you and your children may benefit from this extraordinary element. As you probably already know, fluoride is often added to drinking water, toothpaste and mouth rinses because of its anticavity properties. Fluoride fights against cavities by remineralizing areas of decalcification caused by acid producing bacteria found in the mouth. Fluoride helps small children develop strong, healthy, cavity-resistant teeth by incorporating itself into the tooth lattice.

Fluoride treatments are recommended for patients who are prone to tooth decay. The treatment is quick, easy and painless. A Total Care Dental dentist will apply the fluoride as gel and will leave the gel on your teeth for a few minutes. To achieve the maximum benefit from the treatment, the dentist may advise you not to drink, eat or rinse your mouth for 30 minutes.