Total Care Dental & Orthodontics invests in the future and in technology

Total Care Dental & Orthodontics has been a leader in implementing technology in its offices from its very inception. From digital X-Ray systems to paperless charting, we have always strongly believed that technological advances in dentistry enable us to provide higher quality care and create safer environments for everyone. For instance, we invested in fully digital X-rays systems in our offices before they were common practice because we appreciate the health benefits associated with lower radiation producing digital x-ray systems. They also provide greater time efficiency for our patients and our offices by forgoing the customary X-Ray developing process. As another example, we implement advanced software programs in our offices to help us detect and identify early tooth decay so that we may correct and repair teeth before more costly problems arise. We also have intraoral cameras to help you visualize what we see and help you better understand your dental condition and needs. Total Care Dental & Orthodontics is committed to providing the highest quality of care possible by implementing the latest technological advances in dentistry.