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What is a crown and why is it needed?

Dental extractions are a common procedure in dentistry. It consists of removing a tooth from its socket. Extraction of a tooth may be necessary when traditional restorations cannot fix a tooth. A tooth may also need to be extracted due to trauma, disease or crowding. Although extractions are typically performed by an oral surgeon, general dentist will routinely perform extractions in simple cases.

Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are performed under local anesthesia. The area in question is numbed with local anesthetic and the tooth is then lifted and removed. Our dentists will perform this maneuver slowly and methodically as not to damage the adjacent teeth or bone.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical extractions are typically completed by an oral surgeon and performed under IV sedation which will render the patient relaxed but conscious. The tooth is often sectioned into pieces with a dental hand piece and removed in pieces. Surgical extractions are typically performed on unerupted teeth or teeth with large, curved roots.

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Dental extraction