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Retention is a very important part of orthodontic treatment in that it holds your teeth in the corrected position until the teeth stabilize.

The fact is that throughout your lifetime, even though you have had orthodontic treatment, you can expect changes in tooth position. Many factors at work may cause teeth to shift. Such changes vary from individual to individual and most of the time they are hardly noticeable. But on occasion changes occur that are disappointing to both the patient and the orthodontist. Changes in tooth position are not a failure of your orthodontic treatment but are a natural process. We expect changes in our bodies as we grow older, and teeth are no exception. To help control and limit these changes, retainers are prescribed after your braces are removed.

There are many types and designs of both upper and lower retainers. Our doctors at Total Care Dental & Orthodontics will prescribe custom retainers that will be the best for you. But, retainers can only do their jobs if you do yours by wearing them as instructed. Since retention is crucial, we offer retainer insurance to our patients to enable them to replace a retainer that has been lost or broken.

Please call one of our office at  1-888-99-TOTAL(86825) to discuss how you may sign up for retainer insurance.