Let Us Give You The Smile and Comfort You Deserve With Implant Overdentures

Stop worrying about applying denture adhesive to your dentures and let Total Care Dental bring back a more enjoyable lifestyle with implant overdentures.

If you have lost some or all of your natural teeth, implant overdentures can replace your missing teeth and improve your quality of life. With a little practice, dentures can make eating and speaking easier. You can smile freely without feeling embarrassed.

Our implant overdentures are made to look like your natural teeth and will likely even give you a better smile than what you had originally. Our dentures support your cheeks and lips so that your face muscles will not sag. This support will provide you with a more youthful appearance as well.

Dental models

An implant overdenture is attached to dental implants, which provide a more secure fit. Implants are posts that are surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw. Properly placed implants make the denture stable and can help reduce bone loss.

Many patients find that implant-supported dentures are more comfortable and secure than conventional dentures. However, not everyone should get implants. Patients must be in good health and have enough bone to support the implants. Ask your dentist if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

Our very own denture technicians at Kairos Dental Lab will custom design your implant overdentures based on impressions and models taken of your mouth by our dentists. Our dentists will pay very close attention to all the details of your smile, matching your natural teeth, and making sure your smile is reproduced to the most natural color, shape and design possible. We will insure that your new dentures will look, fit and feel great.