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Below are some examples of cases that our talented orthodontists have treated and corrected.

Case 1 – Severe Upper and Lower Crowding with a Convex Profile

In this patient’s case, the upper right canine tooth is up higher than normal and the upper jaw has severe crowding.

Case 2 – Shallow Bite with Moderate to Severe Upper and Lower Spacing

This patients’ upper and lower jaw has spacing and the front barely overlap the lower teeth.

Case 3 – Open Bite with upper Diastema

The patient’s front teeth do not touch normally, forming an open bite.
Open bite

Case 4 – Severe Upper and Lower Crowding with Shallow Bite

In this case, there is a crowding problem both jaws and a shallow bite.

Case 6 – Underbite (Anterior Crossbite) with Deep Impinging Bite

In this case, the upper right centeral incisor is inside the lower teeth, which is also known as an underbite. The patient also has a very deep bite. Click Here to view the complete set of before and after photos.